Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Impressions

Sorry for not taking care of my readers and for stressing their nerves not writing new posts. However, below some first impressions from site and my new home in Brielle.

For traveling to the Netherlands i decided to split the car drive into two parts with an overnight stop in Nürnberg. 1200km is a lovely distance, even when you are not stuck in traffic jams....and it looked always like this:

On 1st March 2011 was the handover of my new flat from the Landlord to me. I will not repent my consideration to rent a nice flat right outside of Brielle at the outer harbour. Here is how it looks like when standing on the terrace:

First works on site to be done was the hot commissioning from the Auxiliary Boiler which is necessary to start the complete plant for operation. The first visible signs to the neighborhood that the CCPP is now in commissioning phase.


  1. ...unnötig in der Mittelspur-Fahrer! ;-)

  2. Sehr nette Aussicht von der Terasse - neid...

  3. Hey Thomas,

    Have fun in Brielle. It has about the same history as Leiden, so be prepared for the 1 april celebration. Liberation in 1572 is celebrated. Tip: Grow a beard!