Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today i had to be early on site, so I rolled my body out of my warm bed at an unusual time and tried to get my brain working with the help of black coffee made after a receipt from a Romanian colleague (the spoon remains in the upright position even when you tilt the cup).

Sushi not go round

There are some ways for sushi restaurants to offer their food. You can eat a la carte, running sushi, buffet style and so on. In Delft I have discovered a new way: In rounds. Let me explain: In each round you are allowed to order up to five small things, e.g. one nigiri sushi, three maki rolls, two spring rolls, etc...You can repeat this process for two and a half hours. In case you are not able to finish the meals they are charged additional to the lump sum price you pay for this kind of "all you can eat". Here the link to Umai Sushi in Delft.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Wednesday evening we arrived in Brugge. After check in we took a short walk around and hit on an open air stage, part of the Klinkers Festival, called Klinkende Kroegen, where they hired Sweet Coffee for a DJ set featuring a live Sax. The setup was very similar to the Phononoia gigs in cooperation with Mani Marillo at several Hoffests (upcoming event scheduled for 30.09.2011 at the Ottakringer Brauerei). This posts hints are our B&B in Brugge, the Abiente, located next to the Centre and the Chocolatier Dumon, one of the last small chocolate shops with in house production -> In both cases I only say highly recommendable.


You really want to see something? For sure you have to pay for it!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Next stop in Belgium: Gent, a relaxing 1hrs ride from Antwerp heading west. Because we rented a B&B in Brugge, we only had the "day time" to visit this lovely city with its intimate city centre.

Zeebrugge. Weather was quite OK, before entering Brugge we drove to Zeebrugge and spotted this verrukkelijk surf station
The down side of North Sea Tourism, Blankenberge, next to Zeebrugge.


Together with Mrs. N I spent Monday and Tuesday in Antwerp, Belgium. Easy to reach from Brielle (1 1/2 hrs drive with the car) and being the "Diamond City" it was not that hard to motivate Mrs. N to join this trip, although we were in the Diamond district not even one time. But I have some other tips for everybody who wants to visit Antwerp and is not fond of super touristic stuff: Go to Marnixplaats, in the south of Antwerp, and you will find some good restaurants like Lucy Chang or the Fiskebar or nice and comfy bars e.g. the Vitrin or the Boudoir, located at the right Schelde bank near the City Centre.

Central Station in Antwerp is for sure one of the most beautiful ones in Europe

Wooden escalator to reach the St. Anna tunnel below the river Schelde
The tunnel is 572m long

Walls from the MAS Museum

Muzieklabyrint in the Steen, the old castle

"fashion store" in Antwerp -> no comment

Monday, August 8, 2011


Perhaps you have noticed it, the widget on the right side presents a new mix from me. And yes it´s true, there was a new recording uploaded. Mixed entirely "in the box" for the first time with Traktor Pro2, using only tracks licenced under Creative Commons. Here is the direct link to the track´s page on

Sunday, August 7, 2011


A special for my brother: The Zoo in Rotterdam ( followed by a coffee at the Hotel New York, one of the buildings that survived the aerial bombardment (14.05.1940) of WW II.

The Zoo has two parts, divided by the railroad

Best children play ground ever