Sunday, July 10, 2011

Musical Freedom with the Netherlands

It´s Sunday, temperatures raising to 24° Celsius, nearly no wind. There couldn´t be a better day for a cycling trip. The destination was rather easy to find: Scheveningen (, the biggest seaside resort of the Netherlands and magnetic for all those who want to enjoy a relaxed day at the beach. Distance from Brielle: 50km on nicely routed cycle tracks one way. We started at 11:30 and the first stop was Rozenburg, where we took the ferry across the Nieuwe Waterweg to Maassluis. Then we headed towards Hoek van Holland, turning north direction Den Haag. After our arrival in Scheveningen we directly moved to the Whoosah Beach Club (, spending more than four hours listening to dubby Tech House and burning our skin. What a compensation for friday night´s disappointment in Rotterdam! At the very end I made peace with the dutch DJs and music consciously of the fact that somebody just has to search for the adequate venue.

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