Sunday, May 1, 2011

Koniginnedag - Delft revisited

On which day is it prohibited to sell alcohol before 11:30am in the Netherlands? Correct: Koniginnedag. This agreement exits since 2009 to don´t disturb the celebration due to the excessive alcohol consumption on that special day throughout the country. You can imagine....I´ll keep my lips closed.

We started our national holiday on 29th April evening at the Havanna Beach Club at Rockanje beach.

Mr. M and I decided to visit Delft to praise the Queen. Amsterdam is too crowded and also the drive to the capital city is especially uncomfortable on that day. We started with a relaxing paddle boat trip through Delft´s Krachten where we were invited for our first beers from some students. They also had built up a small stage.

The flea marktes are also a characterictic feature of the Koniginnedag because the sales are not subject to taxes on this day. The centre of Delft is completely filled with small sales booths, music stages and takeaways.

After lunch (see above) we joined a live techno performance in front of the Open Jongerenvereniging the Koornbeurs. They had a nice live setup and as far as i could see it exists of a Korg Electrice MX routed to a Kaosspad mk2, Apple notebook running Ableton Live controlled over a Midi controller and the Novation Launchpad, Korg MS2000 synthesizer, Kaossilator and a guitar stomp box, with all signals routed to a master mixer. They performed really great and we gave our self a bracing shake.

Dank u wel, Delft!

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