Sunday, April 10, 2011


Good weather like today points mostly to activities outdoors such as hurting yourself during a skate trip or dropping your bike into the north sea on the way home. Fortunately none of before mentioned things happened and we, that means Mr. T and i, decided to visit the lovely town of Delft. For those who have no idea about Delft (like me), this was the hometown of Vermeer, one of the most famous painters in the baroque era (1575-1770) in the Netherlands. On the way home back to Brielle we took the car ferry to cross the port entrance of Rotterdam. Nice day. Delft will see me again for sure.

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  1. Next time in Delft check the 'Nieuwe Kerk' where all Dutch royals are buried. Also de 'Prinsenhof' is a historical place. Willem van Oranje (ancestor of the Dutch royals) was killed here in 1584. Bullet holes are still visible.

    Have fun!!!

    Grtz. Eric