Friday, February 25, 2011

The Promise

Unfortunately, at my farewell party, i promised everybody to write a blog when working abroad in the Netherlands for the next five months. This is the official schedule, so i expect it will be most probably seven or eight. So....

Here we go!

To give you a brief overview were i will spend most of my time:

EnecoGen Site on a bigger map

There, in the direct sphere of the north sea (snow, rain and everything else hits you permanently horizontal due to heavy wind loads) our site for the upcomming combined cycle power plant ( is located. In the villages south of site many enigneers have their temporary accomodation. Habakuk rented an apartment in Brielle ( Today i have no idea how the interior will look like (was totaly refurbished), but as soon as i discover more, i will post some pictures.

Impression from Brielle: